Competition SEO Plan

$ 700,00

Seo Task Form




Detailed Research Process

To accomplish our goal of improving your Ahrefs UR and ranking, we will follow this process:

  • Extract all the domains and posts that your competitors have towards their websites, and crawl every single linking domain that links to their websites to find potential backlink opportunities.
  • Analyze the data from these domains and only extract high SEO metrics, a mix of dofollow and nofollow links, and possible non-UGC link types.
  • After two weeks of research, we will have around 5,000 unique domains with 50,000 backlinks, depending on the competitors we find.
  • You will receive your own personal competition links database, which you can use for multiple runs for only $150 per run.
  • Our strategy includes two weeks of research to build your competition links database, four weeks of natural posting and dripfeeding competition backlinks to your website using safe anchor methods, and mixing the competition backlinks with our SEO max plan to ensure a steady and natural growth in ranks.
  • Full reports will be provided in around six weeks, and we can then analyze the results and strategize further based on what has been accomplished.


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